HOTT Dwarfs v Skaven

Chapter 2.

Kind of a long one again, 20 turns.

Table (3' x 4') layout:

The Dwarfs have elected to stand on the defensive and rely on their firepower and dragon to see off the rats. Skaven attacking from the right have split into three battle groups if they don't get high PIP rolls it'll be a long game.

Dwarf deployment with the dragon patiently waiting:

Skaven deployment, clan rat hordes led by a hero on their left; General, behemoth, artillery and shooters in the centre (hoping to keep dragon at bay with shooters) and over on the right, beasts, magician and warband.

Dwarfs get lucky in Turn 2, roll '6' to get the dragon on the table.  (Yup, the Dwarf hammerers are facing the wrong way!  Didn't notice for the entire game - contempt for the enemy).

Turn 9, after a lot of maneuvering, the dragon has a go at a horde, with not much of an outcome:

More maneuvering leading to artillery duels T10 to T17, the dwarfs coming off worst.

Turn 18 the dragon has a go at the Skaven hero who has stupidly remained backed up against impassable terrain, toast:

The Dwarfs then lose their centre artillery element in close combat, all over.

Dwarf losses; warband, artillery, dragon, artillery:

Skaven losses; shooter, warband, shooter beast, hero.

Dwarfs were unlucky, but that's how it goes.  Skaven will be defending next time up against the Spartans!


  1. One thing you have to say about GW figures - they are over priced, over sized, but they are pretty!

    1. Agreed. I got the dwarfs back in the days when there were such things as bargains on eBay! The Skaven were picked up for a song at a show bring and buy still on the sprues.