Pictsies v Chaos

The armies:
Pictsies; defending, same line-up as last outing:

1x General - Warband aka MacSwik of that Ilk,
3x Beasts - Haggis bashers, with haggis herds,
3x Flyers - Heidbangers,
3x Knights - Muckle dugs (the Collie lancers),
1x Shooters - Arras,
1x Artillery - Crummock wheecher. 25 points, 12 elements.

Chaos 26 points, 12 elements.

The four horsemen (Knights). Death (General), Famine, Pestilence and War.

Beast of Nurgle (Behemoth).

Kotongi Demons (Fliers)

Warhounds (Beasts)

Hellhounds (Beasts)

Terrain setup and both sides' deployment done randomly using card draws.  Evicted from the bigger table for festive season so 3ft x 3ft table.

Straight-up fight. Ignoring PIPs for movement, short of time so need to get stuck in as fast as possible.


Pictsies: Collie lancers move forward on the left. The flying heidbangers cross to the left centre to support the lancers and block a demon attack on the Pictsie centre (move distance would not allow them to make contact).
Chaos: Reorganises the group on the left and moves the lot forward.  Demon flyers begin an attacking move on the Pictsie right wing.


Pictsies. Heidbangers attack a demon and destroy it, Pictsies 2-0 Chaos . Lancers manoeuvre.
Chaos. Remaining demon withdraws; left group advances and general's group manoeuvres.

Pictsies. Heidbangers attack remaining demon and destroy it, Pictsies 4-0 Chaos 
Chaos. Hellhounds and Nurglebeast join up and shift to left and warhound group shifts to right, general's group advances.

Pictsies.  Heidbangers attack Death the Chaos general as a target of opportunity, worst that can happen is that they all flee; unbelievably it's a DRAW!  One more point on the Pictsies' dice would have been an outright win.      
Crummock wheecher with arras assisting fire at warhound and both miss. MacSwick and haggis bashers attack the warhounds, lose all the fights, and haggis basher Pictsies 4-2 Chaos, MacSwick recoils.  Lancers advance.  After the combat:
Chaos. Warhounds advance to attack MacSwick. The two rearward warhounds manoeuvre; one is shot at and is forced to recoil.  Apocalyptic horsemen unite and align with warhound.
Situation at end of Turn 4:

Pictsies. MacSwick falls back and re-forms the line.  Heidbangers attack the Nurglebeasts's group and lose, heidbanger destroyed; Pictsies 4-4 Chaos Lancer element attacks warhound and loses, recoils into bad ground. Other lancer elements occupy high ground. Crummock wheecher supported by arras fire at warhound element and miss. 

Situation following Pictsies' turn: 

Chaos. Nurglebeast group advances. Warhounds attack MacSwick's group and destroy the arrasPictsies 4-6 Chaos.  Warhound destroys lancer in bad going; Pictsies 4-8 Chaos.

Situation at end of Turn 5:


Pictsies. MacSwick and haggis basher attack warhound and destroy it; Pictsies 6-8 Chaos. Haggis basher and flyer attack hellhound, lose and haggis basher is destroyed; Pictsies 6-10 Chaos.  Flyer attacks Nurglebeast, loses and is pursued. Crummock wheecher fires at warhound and wins a recoil. Situation after Pictsies' turn:

Chaos. Hellhounds manoeuvre, Death's group advances. Warhounds manoeuvre. Warhounds attack Crummock wheecher and destroy it; 6-13 WIN for Chaos. Situation at end:

Pictsie casualties:

Chaos casualties:

Early on it looked as though the three Pictsie Heidbangers were going to make a real impact.  Even after the Pictsies achieved air supremacy, the meat grinder of the Chaos beast elements won out in the end.  Not bad for Chaos' first outing.

Next time Chaos will defend against Eldar.

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